Hello 2015

Although it saddens me to say this is my very 1st post for 2015, it is. Where do I start? Happy New Years, Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Memorial, Happy Fourth, for goodness sake Happy Birthday’s to all those who have celebrated. Wow that was a mouth full to the least. It’s so crazy how rapid we have gone through the months so far.

I have been contemplating the right time to make my debut entrance back to the blogging world I suppose, not really knowing where to start.

You see my life has taken a turn. A turn into maturity. Did you think I was going to say something else, LOL? Not that I was not mature before but I have been trying to make something out of this world we call life. Having my 2nd child in December, going back to my 8-5 in May while gaining more and more responsibilities.

Being in my 30’s now there is not much room for me to act or play as though I am new to the game. I have children I have to be a mother to. I have staff to lead to success. Yes, returning back to work I finally received notification that I was promoted to a sup of a team of 20. As confirmed just more & more responsibility. I tell you I have been working on this thing called time management but every day is different.

While juggling all of that, I have never forgot about YOU! It has been attempting to figure out when I will be able to be consistent. After all this thing called writing & spying somewhat keeps me sane. You know my lil’ outlet to run to. Well all in all I would like to say Thank you for sticking with me. I have met some amazing people who I will be posting & sharing about.

For those that may not know I love showing support. In the next few days, weeks, months to come I will be introducing you to them while all continuing to spy. I do look forward to connecting again.

Yours truly

Nika Marie


Strengths Finder: What are your Strengths?

Hey, Hey, Hey!! Its been a little minute since my last post. In all honesty this is my very first post this year. Woop-Woop (raises the roof). Happy New Years to all. How has it been going so for?

Speaking for myself; I have been sooo busy with work, my search in relocating, being a mom and so much more. I have been squeezing in reading here and there but have not had the chance to post. I miss you all. Many of you would know writing is a passion that I have and have found it to be my outlet.

Just recently I started a book by the name of Strength Finder. book

Believe it or not this book was provided to me by upper management at my work site. For the ones that received the book; we were asked to complete a small assessment as each book held a unique access code. The results were to identify your top five strengths. After identifying your strengths; the book is designed to track and improve your wellbeing over your lifetime.

Here are my results:


Needless, to say. I am pleased by my results. Do I agree in this order per say.. ummm maybe Not, but I agree a lot of what was said described me in many ways. It was interesting reading each description and seeing what applied to me. I say the book was definitely on track.

Other options were adaptability, arranger, belief, context, developer, harmony, learner, self-assurance, woo and many many more. Ha Ha.. Woo meant winning others over. Isn’t that something, LOL? Are you a wooer?

I am finding myself learning new things and in my book this is a plus. Tell me, what are your top 5 strengths? Have you read any recent books? What’s been your inspiration starting off the new year?

Nika Marie

Happy New Years

Happy New Years to All! We are coming to a close of 2012, however, we are starting a new beginning to many more days ahead in 2013.

Be safe and have fun in whatever you have planned. Can’t wait to see you all in

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Share your memorable moments in 2012 and or what you expect to accomplish in 2013. Do you have New Years Resolutions? I would LOVE to hear from you.

This is OUR year along with many more years to come. See you in 2013!!

Uniikleemeeh (unique-lee-me)
Nika Marie