Hello 2015

Although it saddens me to say this is my very 1st post for 2015, it is. Where do I start? Happy New Years, Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Memorial, Happy Fourth, for goodness sake Happy Birthday’s to all those who have celebrated. Wow that was a mouth full to the least. It’s so crazy how rapid we have gone through the months so far.

I have been contemplating the right time to make my debut entrance back to the blogging world I suppose, not really knowing where to start.

You see my life has taken a turn. A turn into maturity. Did you think I was going to say something else, LOL? Not that I was not mature before but I have been trying to make something out of this world we call life. Having my 2nd child in December, going back to my 8-5 in May while gaining more and more responsibilities.

Being in my 30’s now there is not much room for me to act or play as though I am new to the game. I have children I have to be a mother to. I have staff to lead to success. Yes, returning back to work I finally received notification that I was promoted to a sup of a team of 20. As confirmed just more & more responsibility. I tell you I have been working on this thing called time management but every day is different.

While juggling all of that, I have never forgot about YOU! It has been attempting to figure out when I will be able to be consistent. After all this thing called writing & spying somewhat keeps me sane. You know my lil’ outlet to run to. Well all in all I would like to say Thank you for sticking with me. I have met some amazing people who I will be posting & sharing about.

For those that may not know I love showing support. In the next few days, weeks, months to come I will be introducing you to them while all continuing to spy. I do look forward to connecting again.

Yours truly

Nika Marie


Baby Bloggy Boot Camp

This post is written by me on behalf of Liz Lange and Ergobaby.  Product was provided.

Eye spy an event that had been posted on Facebook about expecting moms and moms w/ children under the age of 6 months to attend Baby Bloggy Boot Camp. An instant email went out to the SIT GIRLS for more deets.

A mother of 2 now with the newest addition at the time being 2 months; I figured this was the perfect event to continue with my networking and socializing for 2014. Not to mention the event hitting home run; Baby Bloggy Boot Camp touched on many topics from creating compelling content for moms, tips on sponsorship(s), and becoming a mommy blogger.  Great topics, right!  I thought so. I mean I am a mommy and a blogger.


Baby BBC


Baby Bloggy Boot Camp was held in San Diego, Ca, at the Bahia Resort Hotel February 28th. bahiaNot only was this a perfect opportunity to keep on a socializing pace but we, my family and I, were all able to head up to Diego to visit my sister and her family throughout the weekend. In all honesty I had no idea what to expect as this was my 1st conference I would be attending.


An agenda to start at 9:30-12:30pm in what you would have expected to be a sunny day was not so shiny. Rain rain go away but that didn’t happen as it was here to stay but this was not to stop me from attending.

I walked into a room with ladies ready to check us in and an even bigger room filled with mothers, some expecting, some with their child, and chandeliers. This was not your typical boot camp running and being screamed at by Sargent’s. LOL.


My table consisted of 6 ladies including myself. Katie @overflowinbrain to my left and Meghan @crazycasak to my right. Intrigued by Shara @palmsandpigs who came down all the way from Charleston had me beat. Thinking my Orange County to San Diego drive was aways to go was definitely no match to Shara whatsoever.

Baby Bloggy Boot Camp was a definite success. I left with a ton of information, met some lovely ladies, including Amy, a blogger at Amy Corbett Storch.  Amy shared her testimony to her successful blog and switching over to now a mommy blogger. Her story was surreal and really authentic. It was such a pleasure meeting her. I have to say it was the highlight for me to speak with her after the event. Amy was definitely down to earth and didn’t mind providing me a few pointers.


Starting my day with this event left me feeling secure that I was meant to do this. With effort, confidence, and most importantly originality this was my brand to perfect. Not being alone as I too was surrounded with many mommy bloggers who were there to strengthen their knowledge.

Take Away

Not only were we able to take home a great deal of information to help out with blogging but we received some awesome take homes as well for our sweet babies. This was definitely a great treat for my little Miss Olivia and I.

The products provided included a Liz Lange maternity dress, honest diapers that included a compact lotion, detergent, and body wash to name a few, and three very well needed products: Ergobaby swaddler, 360 carrier, and wrap carrier. Awesome right?


The Liz Lange dress was a bit large for me but that didn’t stop me from rocking out in it.  This is what happens when you’re socializing, the common sizes are taken. Nonetheless, I went as far as heading down to Target to search for the maternity wear as it can be figure flattering, offering affordable luxury, and did I mention you can locate it at Target too. Although I’m no longer pregnant the selection and styles are awesome.

092Liz Lange

The honest collection was oh so new to me as it was the 1st time hearing about it at the event. The Eco friendly diapers were just the cutest thing ever. Due to the diapers being a bit big in size for Olivia now; I decided to go on the site in get the right size. It was so nice to see they have a discovery kit which includes your 1st set of 10 stylish diapers & wipes (10 count) at no charge.  The only responsibility you had was shipping and handling cost that may vary depending on where you reside. I fell sooo in love with the diapers that I ordered a bundle.

honestbundlehbundlehonest strawberry

You too can order your diapers here: http://honest.com/accept_invitation/509833

The 360 carrier has been my all time favorite. This piece has been everywhere. Grocery store, pretend city “museum”, park, walking…Let’s just say where hasn’t it been. The wrap carrier and swaddler were very useful items as well.  If it was not for the live tutorial of the wrap carrier, I would have been lost.  Thank you thank you thank you for this demonstration it certainly made things easier.


To link directly to the Ergobaby products, here are the available URLs:


The products received were all so lovely and now plays a big part in our daily routine duties. Thank you so very much Liz Lange, Honest, Ergobaby, and Sit Girls for the swag bag.  Oh and last but not least thank you to Sugar Wish for the candy during the event.  It was sooo delicious.

Please view the listed sites below:  These are a few of the ladies I was able to come in contact with.

It was such a pleasure ladies!

Have you tried any of these products?  What did you think?  Do you have a favorite?  Do share below.  Thank you for stopping by.


I repeat This post is written by me on behalf of Liz Lange and Ergobaby.  Product was provided.

A few more pictures from the event.

Thanks for stopping by!



In My Closet: Shoedazzel

My addiction since being on maternity leave has been shoes, shoes, shoes.  Well, really all time but more so now. A faithful shoe dazzle gal since 2009.

Meet the new members to my closet.

ayame jace lala nea roxie infinity noel cady

Boy I cant wait till I’m rocking these babies and getting all dolled up.

Have you had any recent addictions lately? Do you shop at Shoedazzel? If so, what’s your favorite shoe?

Love for the kids: Outcome

Love for my children is what I will continue to display to my babies as often as I can.  An amazing idea discovered on INSTAGRAM mentioned here was definitely fun and to think this was just recently made up. Who would have known the idea was floating on Pinterest the whole time for what I know to be over a year.

eyespy a heart

This goes to show I am not as active on Pinterest as I would like (soon to change).  Arts and crafts have always been something I have enjoyed and now I will be able to continue bringing a  creative imagination to life with my little ones.

My childhood friend Jessica Aguirre reached out to me identifying taking part in this creative idea over a year ago. Jessica was even able to keep it up for over a year before the hearts started coming off. Having 3 kids now, Jessica had decided to display her LOVE for her daughter Kimberly as her 2 boys were to young to understand. 15 hearts in total and in between space floated a balloon to fill in the gap.  Pictured below was Jessica’s heart-felt creation after a year.  Of course the balloons did not last but if you ask me this was amazing to see even after a year there were a few hearts to look back at.

Eye Spy Love for the kids Jessica

Now here is my replica of this creative idea.  Done with construction paper and a few foam glitter sheets not to forget tape and a permanent marker all purchased at the 99 cents store.

love for our kidslove for our kids 2

I have to say my son really enjoyed it.  As for Olivia, she’s to young to understand but one day we will all be able to share.

What do you think?  Did you join me with a heart a day?

Love for the Kids

February is right around the corner and as we know this is the month to celebrate LOVE, although that should go without saying on a daily basis and Black History Month.

Well, while couples celebrate each other and kids bring Valentine Day cards to class mates and teachers.  In my house hold my kids are a bit to small and will have the chance to spend it right here with mom while I am still on maternity leave.

The excitement I have to spend this time with my kids excites me as anyone that knows me understands that I am a hard worker and go getter when it comes to my family and precious moments such as these are what I live for.

While I share these days with my son who is 2 1/2 years old and new-born daughter who is now a little over a month old; I will be partaking in kind words for the month of February.

This idea I have to say didn’t come from me and was found spying on social media (INSTAGRAM) but here are the deets.

eyespy a heart

As seen in the image above I will be leaving daily notes on the kid’s bedroom door expressing my love for them.

What will your son, daughter, or children be doing for VALENTINES Day or better yet.. What will you be doing for your children?  Do you have any traditions you follow during Valentine’s Day?

41 Weeks & a Day Pregnant

Most of you may know while many may not know but surprise surprise, I have recently gave birth to my 2nd child.


10 months and a day later I welcomed my daughter Olivia Maree into this world. With one of many blessings presented I have to say time has definitely captured my attention with catering to our new bundle of joy but my 2-year-old son Elijah Ohmari as well as the king of our home. Overall, my ultimate goal is to make certain I designate some time to each person in the house so NO ONE is left out.

Despite, anyone feeling left out my goal is to also do better with my blog and get caught up in my networking colabs I hope to share soon. Please stay tuned!

Having 2 kids now to me sounds like a mouth full; perhaps that may be due to having a 2 1/2-year-old toddler and now a new-born? Who’s to say.. I do know I’m looking so forward to watching my kids bond and build a tight relationship amongst each other.

my babies

The overwhelming feeling I first encountered was feeling conquered as it’s just me and my babes and having a toddler & an infant felt scary indeed; however, after much thought and consideration.. We are doing well raising our son together as we share a lot of parenting goals and ambitions.

Now we all know raising kids does not come with instructions and may in fact be overwhelming but with much patience, support, classes that are available and most importantly the effort you put in… Anything is possible to being a great parent!

For myself I am the oldest of 3 kids and with their not being a rule book to raising children, the oldest can definitely feel as though they don’t get as much as the 2nd, 3rd child etc.. as the parent gains knowledge and a system in being a parent.  This leaves the oldest child having to make certain a nice path and perception is created for the siblings to follow.  This I know as I have randomly experienced this feeling being the oldest as mentioned and yes the LOVE was always there but it did occur. Now every situation may be different and this may not be the case for all but speaking on my behalf I know it’s capable of happening.

Two common sayings I have heard from a few elders most recently are “my son feeling like he will be pushed out the way with another child being on the way and my kids growing up to be really close.”

It is ultimately up to the parents in making certain the kids are engaged and feeling that one on one connection with the parents.  This I sooo look forward to accomplishing and proving that saying just to be a myth while definitely watching the bond that will form between my prince and princess.



What are some things you have incorporated in your household to not allow your children to feel taken out of the spotlight?  What are some sayings you may have been told that you may or may not agree with?  Any advice do tell below.

Customer Service Appreciation Week

My employer has recently celebrated Customer Service Appreciation Week this month from October 7th- October 11th.


The selected committee did an AMAZING job with keeping the engagement going throughout the week providing detailed communication throughout the day for all the festivities they had planned.

Each day was designed for each individual to show their creativity. Some of the festivities included:




image030 image032


photo 2 458photo 1 photo 3

photo 4photo 4


imagesCAPY6H8Zphoto 1



A week well planned, right? I thought so along with many others at the work site. Now tell me how you think it went? Note to self… it may just look like we enjoyed ourselves a little too much. If that’s what you gathered… YOU’RE RIGHT!

photo 1photo 2

photo 3

Here are a few of my Fav’s.

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 5photo 5 photo 4

Despite all the festivities we had around Customer Service week; we were also able to enjoy some in between fun. Some of those things included: Super Hero Trivia’s, ice cream Sundae’s (similar to yogurtland), dress supervisor’s desks up, peer recognition awards, and a few others.

photo 2

As confirmed, the TEAM did an AMAZING job!! Turns out I work with a group of fashionable people that might not even know it. Did your employer or you do anything for Customer Service Appreciation Week? Do tell below.


Nika Marie