About Meeh

Hey y’all hey! My name is Shawnika, however, I like to go by Nika. On many if not all of my social sites (IG, FB, twitter, snapchat to name a few) you will see me identify myself as Nika Marie or Uniikleemeeh (pronounced “u-niik-lee-me” or “uniquely-me”). I am a mother of two beautiful children Elijah and Olivia, girlfriend to the love of my life Oscar, a loyal, outgoing girly girl who is diligent in all that I set forth. I have a true passion for writing and a huge heart for fashion and the two combined together created Eye Spy Fashion founded by yours truly.

Eye Spy Fashion is a blog that supports positive energy fashionably whether that be your talent, a simple delivery you provide, the way you walk or talk (confidence), or your master skill at heart. All things fashionable comes with endless possibilities of what one creates to motivate, inspire, or live by through positive forces that are exposed for the greater good.

With life being a special occasion on its own, my life with Eye Spy Fashion is making everyday Fabulous; the good the bad and the in between. Captivated by the greatness of life you will find interviews, highlights into my lifestyle, those I support, and my journey with my health and wellness journey. I Love the life I’m living, living the life I am granted thanks to the man above. Join meeh as Eye Spy Fashion, Art, Lifestyle, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, and sooo much more.

Your Girl,


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