Hello 2015

Although it saddens me to say this is my very 1st post for 2015, it is. Where do I start? Happy New Years, Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Memorial, Happy Fourth, for goodness sake Happy Birthday’s to all those who have celebrated. Wow that was a mouth full to the least. It’s so crazy how rapid we have gone through the months so far.

I have been contemplating the right time to make my debut entrance back to the blogging world I suppose, not really knowing where to start.

You see my life has taken a turn. A turn into maturity. Did you think I was going to say something else, LOL? Not that I was not mature before but I have been trying to make something out of this world we call life. Having my 2nd child in December, going back to my 8-5 in May while gaining more and more responsibilities.

Being in my 30’s now there is not much room for me to act or play as though I am new to the game. I have children I have to be a mother to. I have staff to lead to success. Yes, returning back to work I finally received notification that I was promoted to a sup of a team of 20. As confirmed just more & more responsibility. I tell you I have been working on this thing called time management but every day is different.

While juggling all of that, I have never forgot about YOU! It has been attempting to figure out when I will be able to be consistent. After all this thing called writing & spying somewhat keeps me sane. You know my lil’ outlet to run to. Well all in all I would like to say Thank you for sticking with me. I have met some amazing people who I will be posting & sharing about.

For those that may not know I love showing support. In the next few days, weeks, months to come I will be introducing you to them while all continuing to spy. I do look forward to connecting again.

Yours truly

Nika Marie


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