Brunch with Tieko: Branding

Early February I attended my 1st event starting off 2014.  Blogging for a year now, I vowed to myself to step out of my comfort zone with attending more events and networking because after all I have too much personality not to socialize, LOL (at least I like to think so).

With writing and fashion being a passion of mine I decided to birth  A platform from which I would be able to meet, collaborate, and network with many talented people.  Spying, interviewing, and bringing positive energy to one source.  Spying on fashion, art, inspiration, bloggers, lifestyle, and everything in between.
Drawn in by the phrase “STOP TREATING YOUR BUSINESS LIKE A HOBBY” spoke to me loud in clear.  For me having a full-time job and family duties to an extent can leave my blog being that hobby when in doubt it’s NOT.
Kicking off my 1st event this year with the perfect agenda “Your Next Step; the Five Stages of a Small Business and Where Branding Fits In” hosted by Tieko Nejon accompanied by Leslie, a blog connoisseur, and Mai, a fitness phenam.  This was definitely an event I could not miss.
In attendance was between 40-50 guests all ready to hear from our host Tieko Nejon.  Held at the Paul Martin’s American Grill in El Segundo, CA, for a small cost of $20 which included brunch and beverage not to mention the great agenda topics from the host.
Meet the host:
She’s simply phenomenal!  A personality like no other who is REAL and not to mention she is a wardrobe and style consultant.
Check her out and you be the judge
Learning many things from marketing and branding, brand platforms, media kits, and facts such as 7/10 people surviving businesses within 2 years and 52% working from home.  Investing, networking, getting serious, doing the work, creating schedules, building clientele/audience, opportunities, and the list goes on.
Many of the topics I have learned about and for me it was pleasing to know, being a new blogger to the scene, it was not foreign but to witness Tieko speak so passionate and break it down with her own visual aspect allowed it to make more awareness.
Hearing it all be put into perspective also by the co-hosts made it more surreal.  From one quitting a job to follow her passion and another being the brand and face of their business.  Two different authentic angles that worked for them and shared giving the attendees a sense of any things possible.  I have to say this was definitely an event you didn’t want to miss if you were in the LA area.
The event was nothing but perfect and although I arrived solo; I ran into some familiar faces I follow on social sites and have formed relationships with Jana’e Holmes ( and Mylah Stanton (  My BLM Sistas which was created by Leslie Young who was one of the co-host.
stanton mylahstanton
“I enjoyed the fellowship, the learning, and Tieko’s energy! It was awesome meeting Facebook friends in person.”
young leslie
“What I enjoyed most was the deep wealth of information that Tieko shared, not only from what she knows through her scholastic background but what she’s learned from first hand experience.  And it was so nice to see the BLM Girls in the house!!!”
“I loved the wealth of information and being surrounded by entrepreneurs. The event made you really think about your brand and how to be successful. I loved every minute! Especially seeing you!” 😊 (I’m blushing)
Here are a few pictures I was able to capture before having to head out.

feb 2014 227brunchmeet paulmartinsmylahnikacannon2014 1629blmgirlsjananika1





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