Love for the kids: Outcome

Love for my children is what I will continue to display to my babies as often as I can.  An amazing idea discovered on INSTAGRAM mentioned here was definitely fun and to think this was just recently made up. Who would have known the idea was floating on Pinterest the whole time for what I know to be over a year.

eyespy a heart

This goes to show I am not as active on Pinterest as I would like (soon to change).  Arts and crafts have always been something I have enjoyed and now I will be able to continue bringing a  creative imagination to life with my little ones.

My childhood friend Jessica Aguirre reached out to me identifying taking part in this creative idea over a year ago. Jessica was even able to keep it up for over a year before the hearts started coming off. Having 3 kids now, Jessica had decided to display her LOVE for her daughter Kimberly as her 2 boys were to young to understand. 15 hearts in total and in between space floated a balloon to fill in the gap.  Pictured below was Jessica’s heart-felt creation after a year.  Of course the balloons did not last but if you ask me this was amazing to see even after a year there were a few hearts to look back at.

Eye Spy Love for the kids Jessica

Now here is my replica of this creative idea.  Done with construction paper and a few foam glitter sheets not to forget tape and a permanent marker all purchased at the 99 cents store.

love for our kidslove for our kids 2

I have to say my son really enjoyed it.  As for Olivia, she’s to young to understand but one day we will all be able to share.

What do you think?  Did you join me with a heart a day?

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