Valentine’s Day occurs everyday: Real Love

It is officially VALENTINE’S DAY.  Happy Valentines Day to ALL whether you are celebrating it with a significant other, friend, or alone make the best of it.  “No matter how dark the moment, love and hope are always possible,” George Chakiris.
Now while we like to get excited on this 1/365th day, we need to be mindful that love should occur everyday and by everyday no matter what.  It’s the little things that matters.  Don’t get me wrong I do get it.  You like all the gifts and pleasing this one day creates and demonstrates in addition to the exchanges in the gifts but why can’t this also occur February 15th, 16th, or everyday?
With love in the air I would like to ask, What does love mean to you?  How does one keep love fresh?  What is the secret to longevity?  Is love sacrificed for happiness and or vice versa?  These are a few questions I asked a few couples randomly.
Shakita & Kendrick
Shakita & Kendrick have been together since high school and this April will mark seven years of the 2 being together.
“Love is truly something that can’t be put into words. I have always thought of myself to be a romantic, believing that love conquers all. Love means everything to me. When I first fell in love with my fiancé, it really was the most amazing experience & still is today. Just to have someone to confide in and someone who sometimes knows you better than you know yourself. It’s something that’s truly priceless and I’m glad to have a REAL love in my life. To sum it up with a quote “I have found the one whom my soul loves.”  says Shakita.
“I keep love fresh by simply waking up every morning with a “Lets Do What We Did Back In High School” type of attitude. As soon as I wake up every morning, I immediately want to start a conversation with Shakita, no matter how bad my morning breath is or how sleepy she may be even though I know it gets on her nerves. Lol!” Admitted Kendrick.
Kendrick continued by saying, “I usually work overnight, so whenever I get off in the morning time and finally make it home, I’ll tell her simple things like what happened at work or what my schedule is going to be like the next week just to hear her voice. Every time we go out on a date, I anticipate them with excitement like it’s our first. I still write little love letters to her expressing how I feel about her, how happy I am of her accomplishments, etc. We workout together and learn new things together. I think it makes our bond stronger in a way.”
Sealing  the deal with marriage this May, Shakita and her fiancé Kendrick also share Valentine’s Day as the day they got engaged.
Chanea & Ejuan Banks
Married for 5 years with 2 kids Caden and Hailee

“Love isn’t one big thing it is a million little things….Love is unconditional, respect, trust, along with give and take.  Love is when you can accept a person with all their imperfections and nonetheless you still see their perfections.  Love is when you make each other laugh at the silliest things that no one else would ever understand.  Love is a beautiful thing when you share it with the right person.” Mr. & Mrs. Banks stated.

“The secret to our longevity is clear communication, compromise and friendship.  Becoming a stronger bond through every curveball life throws us and putting God first in all that we do,” replied the Banks.

Leia & Nile Mashaka

Married for 4 years together with 2 children Eli and Micah


“Love is patience, time, understanding, forgiving, evolving, undefined, and in the biblical sense agape love…love everlasting. Love should accomplish 2 things: happiness and growth both individually and together. It’s inspiring, to always want more, for each other and with each other.” says Leia.

Nile continued, “Love is never sacrificed for happiness because love is happiness. There are compromises, but that’s not a sacrifice.


Love is a beautiful thing whether you are loving something and or someone.  Real love is not only celebrated on February 14th.  So while the chocolate, flowers, and candlelight dinner may be in reservation it’s an ongoing treatment that never ends.

Romance, humor, joy, compatibility, trust, respect, caring, tenderness, or patience all contributes to happy love and this we just witnessed above.

Shakita, Kendrick, Chanea, Ejuan, Leia, and Nile I wish you ALL a Happy Valentines Day yesterday today, tomorrow, or simply whenever you decide to celebrate.

Thank you for sharing.

Sending a special shout out to the loves of my life Oscar, Elijah, and Olivia.  Happy Valentine’s!

Will today be like every other day or does it mark for a special occasion?


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