Love for the Kids

February is right around the corner and as we know this is the month to celebrate LOVE, although that should go without saying on a daily basis and Black History Month.

Well, while couples celebrate each other and kids bring Valentine Day cards to class mates and teachers.  In my house hold my kids are a bit to small and will have the chance to spend it right here with mom while I am still on maternity leave.

The excitement I have to spend this time with my kids excites me as anyone that knows me understands that I am a hard worker and go getter when it comes to my family and precious moments such as these are what I live for.

While I share these days with my son who is 2 1/2 years old and new-born daughter who is now a little over a month old; I will be partaking in kind words for the month of February.

This idea I have to say didn’t come from me and was found spying on social media (INSTAGRAM) but here are the deets.

eyespy a heart

As seen in the image above I will be leaving daily notes on the kid’s bedroom door expressing my love for them.

What will your son, daughter, or children be doing for VALENTINES Day or better yet.. What will you be doing for your children?  Do you have any traditions you follow during Valentine’s Day?


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