Fashion approvals have been definitely making an appearance on Instagram.

Check out the latest:

Fashionnextdoor is killing the holiday look!


eyespfashiondotcom: @fashionnextdoor what are the must haves for the holidays… A girl can not go without?

Fashionnextdoor: awwww thanks!  Well, my holiday must haves is a spectacular statement necklace.  Put it on with anything and you’re instantly holiday ready!

eyespyfashiondotcom: @whatthabiwears describe your style?  Who are your top 3 girl crushes?  Who is @whatthabiwears?


Whatthabiwears: My style is eclectic, with an urban flavor often classic- on trend- with a vintage twist.  I LOVE pieces and accessories that stand out, a statement piece is a must in every ensemble.  I hate looking like everyone else 🙂 Thandie Newton, Kelly Rowland, and Eva Mendez are my 3 top girl crushes.

Currently living and working in Moscow, you can learn more about this fashionista @  www.whatthabiwears.com which she does confirm being a on screen journal.  Do subscribe!

eyespyfashiondotcom: Who inspires @dezoffril?  What does style mean to you?  Who is @dezoffril?


Dezoffril: Everyone inspires me!  Street style is probably my biggest inspiration overall.  So many people have different perspectives, it’s amazing the creativity there is out there and I absolutely love it!  It inspires me to be creative and see what I can do with pieces most people wouldn’t wear because isn’t the “norm”.  Style is art and art is who you are.  There is no wrong or right, only confidence.  Anyone can have a style of anything but confidence is what really makes  it a STYLE.  I am just an up and coming fashion blogger wanting to share what I come up with to inspire others.  When I’m not blogging, I LOVE being with my dogs and catching up on my favorite shows.

eyespyfashiondotcom: What are 3 things a girl must have in her closet?  Who inspires you?  Who is @chanelfiles?


Chanelfiles: Thanks for the questions!  3 things every girl should have in her wardrobe is a great pair of nude or black pumps (I prefer a pointy toe).  A great staple tote that can be taken into every season & a watch.  A watch is a simple yet chic accessory.  My style is definitely a mix of June Ambrose meets Carrie Bradshaw w/ a hint of Blaire Adiebee!  Chanelfiles is a girl on the go who’s inspired by classic pieces with hints of spunk & character.  A personal style blog created for the everyday girl and woman who loves herself almost as much as she loves her clothes, LOL.

eyespyfashiondotcom: What does fashion mean to you @ministerofstyle?  Tell us something we may not know from looking at this picture?


Ministerofstyle: Wow…. thank you!  I’m kinda speechless right now, LOL.  I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember and for me, fashion is the art of presenting a vision of what someone sees clothing to be.  Style is the way each person interprets that vision.  I’m really quirky and will probably shock most people once they get to know me.  I have a wicked sense of humor!

Weekday, weekend, and or holiday every girl should get up, get dressed, and feel pretty.  As mentioned by Fashionnextdoor you can not go wrong with a statement necklace no matter the occasion.  Many of us may share the same similarities in our closet but it’s still all different when everything is said and done as one eye may be different then the next.  Style is what you make it in feeling comfortable in your own skin.  It’s the confidence that makes that outfit that much better!  It’s not what you wear but how you wear it or better yet you wear the clothes, don’t allow the clothes to wear you!

These women are phenomenal and as you can see they all share the same similarities with understanding the concept of accessorizing, having confidence, and most importantly being true to themselves… The art of fashion!

Now if you should find any #EyeSpyFashionApprove moments tag me on InStaGram @eyespyfashiondotcom and or Nika Marie on FB.

Eye Spy, You Spy, We ALL Spy Fashion!


Nika Marie

How does accessorizing play apart in your closet?  Are you an edgy type of person and or would you rather keep it simple?  Do tell below… don’t be shy!  Confidence is key 🙂


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