41 Weeks & a Day Pregnant

Most of you may know while many may not know but surprise surprise, I have recently gave birth to my 2nd child.


10 months and a day later I welcomed my daughter Olivia Maree into this world. With one of many blessings presented I have to say time has definitely captured my attention with catering to our new bundle of joy but my 2-year-old son Elijah Ohmari as well as the king of our home. Overall, my ultimate goal is to make certain I designate some time to each person in the house so NO ONE is left out.

Despite, anyone feeling left out my goal is to also do better with my blog and get caught up in my networking colabs I hope to share soon. Please stay tuned!

Having 2 kids now to me sounds like a mouth full; perhaps that may be due to having a 2 1/2-year-old toddler and now a new-born? Who’s to say.. I do know I’m looking so forward to watching my kids bond and build a tight relationship amongst each other.

my babies

The overwhelming feeling I first encountered was feeling conquered as it’s just me and my babes and having a toddler & an infant felt scary indeed; however, after much thought and consideration.. We are doing well raising our son together as we share a lot of parenting goals and ambitions.

Now we all know raising kids does not come with instructions and may in fact be overwhelming but with much patience, support, classes that are available and most importantly the effort you put in… Anything is possible to being a great parent!

For myself I am the oldest of 3 kids and with their not being a rule book to raising children, the oldest can definitely feel as though they don’t get as much as the 2nd, 3rd child etc.. as the parent gains knowledge and a system in being a parent.  This leaves the oldest child having to make certain a nice path and perception is created for the siblings to follow.  This I know as I have randomly experienced this feeling being the oldest as mentioned and yes the LOVE was always there but it did occur. Now every situation may be different and this may not be the case for all but speaking on my behalf I know it’s capable of happening.

Two common sayings I have heard from a few elders most recently are “my son feeling like he will be pushed out the way with another child being on the way and my kids growing up to be really close.”

It is ultimately up to the parents in making certain the kids are engaged and feeling that one on one connection with the parents.  This I sooo look forward to accomplishing and proving that saying just to be a myth while definitely watching the bond that will form between my prince and princess.



What are some things you have incorporated in your household to not allow your children to feel taken out of the spotlight?  What are some sayings you may have been told that you may or may not agree with?  Any advice do tell below.


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