iPhone App Genius: GrooveBook

Do you need some holiday ideas?  If so, here is an App I definitely had to share and came across that is simply genius and all for a low-cost of $2.99 a month.

For someone like myself I stay with a camera in my hand.  If it is not my digital CANON camera it’s the next best thing.. My iPhone.  I have often thought to myself how I would get all 7,237 pictures out of my phone in counting until I was introduced to this App.  Yes, I said it over 7000 pictures but I have a little one running around so I am always chasing those memorable moments.


One snap after the next I’m sure to find the best picture regardless if the ratio is pretty slim (some days being better than others).  In fact, I’m certain to find a few good likes. LOL.  It appears the unexpected snaps are the most memorable, priceless moments.

With further a do, I introduce to you GROOVEBOOK.


This lovely app is simply fantastic.  It provides you a 100 photos a month from which all you pay for is shipping and handling for the low-cost of $2.99.  GrooveBook will send you a 4.5″ x 6.5″ photo book each month and the pictures provided in the book can easily be separated for you to share with friends & family.

Check it out…

groove 1 groove 3 groove 4 groove 5

Now I am no professional photographer but do like to enjoy the memories that come from a few quick snaps.  For any of you iPhone users try it out and let me know what you think.  With the holidays near, why NOT get a bang for your buck creating a special gift for little to nothing.

When downloading App feel free to utilize CUFFEY3 and provide to as many people as you can.

1.  Download the FREE GrooveBook App

2. Follow signup instructions

3. Enter promo code provided above (CUFFEY3)

4. Begin reviewing and uploading photos

You may also find GrooveBook on Facebook @ Facebook.com/GrooveBook

What are some of your favorite Apps you would recommend?


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