#EyeSpyFashionApprove:Eye Spy, you Spy, we ALL spy

As confirmed with you all here, I confirmed sharing some of the most fashionable moments I spyed on social media,  but HEY it’s NOT just about what I spy its what YOU spy as well.  Fashion comes in all forms whether it’s Art, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Passion, Discovery… (Oh, how I can go on and on)  Needless, to say; I have been receiving some great responses from those I have spyed.


@eyespyfashiondotcom: Name your top 3 girl crushes and why?  How do they inspire you?

@justjewls4u: Diana Ross, @traciellisross, and Solange Knowles.  Their style is vintage, classy, and glamorous.  I adore a classy lady with style.


@eyespyfashiondotcom: Tell us something about yourself that we can’t identify in this picture?

@shapelylouise: Hmmmm… I am not into labels.

sweater @livingsimplistically

@eyespyfashiondotcom: Tell us something about you & fashion.  How do they coexist?

@livingsimplistically: For me, fashion is all about the expression of one’s self.  There is no coexisting, it just is.  My mood dictates what I wear and sometimes what I wear dictates my mood.  I keep it simple and go with the flow.


@eyespyfashiondotcom: Who inspires you fashion wise?

@fashionnettework: I look for inspiration in everything but if I had to choose one person I would say Solange has an awesome sense of style.  I love color so I am always looking at new color combinations and I am a fan of mixing prints.  I use Pinterest to get new ideas but I like to shop my closet or go thrifting for new ideas.

photo 1@fashionablyfabstyle

@eyespyfashiondotcom: Who are your 3 top girl crushes & why?

@fashionablyfabstyle: J.Lo, Malinda Williams, and Rihanna.  J. Lo because she is all kinds of fabulous and is an iconic fashionista.  Malinda because she is just gorgeous and represents fashion well for us petite and chocolate beauties and Rihanna  because the girl can do no wrong in fashion.  She can wear a garbage bag and kill it.

 lafahion  @lafashionchica

@eyespyfashiondotcom: Who are your top 3 girl crushes?  What does fashion mean to you?

@lafashionchica: Aww thank you!  Ok so here we go… I have had a busy morning but it was hard to pick 3 style crushes b/c I am not easily influenced by another girls style.  I tend to be really critical.  Like oh that outfit is cute but her pants could be tailored or oh I like all the pieces she’s wearing but just not all together.  I know in a way it sounds like I’m being a “hater” but I guess I see things with a different eye.  As if I was going to wear the outfit.  With all that here’s who I narrowed it down to because I really enjoy their style and sense of fashion.  @fashionnextdoor @nataliasstyle and @_sarahvega_

photo 2


@eyespyfashiondotcom: What does natural mean to you?

@hernameiskim: It means feeling Fearless & confident!



@eyespyfashiondotcom: Describe your style, do you consider yourself having fashion and or swag?

@aka_tokyo: Versatile.  I LOVE to mix it all up + have fun with it.  I see my body as a canvas and I paint my body with clothes.  There are no limits on how to express yourself and I consider myself having fashion vs swag.

Fashion is not just found in labels and can be found in anything these days: modern style, vintage, urban, preppy, etc… It’s simply what you make of it.  What represents you!  We all have different opinions and eye for what we think works and or don’t but that’s what makes us individuals and different.  I love the honesty these ladies have expressed.  Do spy on them on InStaGram.  Any of the @ mentions you can also locate them their as well.

Now if you should find any #EyeSpyFashionApprove moments tag me on InStaGram @eyespyfashiondotcom and or Nika Marie on FB.

Eye Spy, You Spy, We ALL Spy Fashion!


Nika Marie

Leave a comment below and express your thoughts?  Do you adore the styles above as much as I do?


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