EyeSpyFashionApprove: Here Kiddy Kiddie


Here Kiddy Kiddie, a boutique and clothing line, has been styling fashions for children sizes 2t-16.  In fact, they have been in business since 2012.  They are currently based out of Houston, TX but are in business to ship nationwide.


Here Kiddy Kiddie was founded by Charlee King who is also the owner of Charlee’s Little Angels Daycare.  Charlee has had 5 years of industry knowledge from which she shares her expertise in being able to identify the importance of treating every child as an individual ensuring all of their needs are met.  Talk about go getter. Image

Some additional facts about the owner Charlee.

  ImageCharlee’s Little Angel’s was presented by the city of Houston w/ the “Houston Award” for the best preschool and kindergarten.  This is huge!  Charlee’s love for fashion inspires her to design an affordable line for children celebrating style and originality.  Here Kiddy Kiddie better known as HK2‘s mission is to modernize well dressed babies with fun bright colors, and bold prints. HK2 are handmade by Charlee’s great aunt who has been sewing for over 30 years.  Charlee designs all of the clothes and believe it or not is a huge Golden Girls fan, LOL.  Do any of you recall this show?  I definitely do. 

HK2 is definitely sticking to their brand in wanting to design equal parts both fashionable but yet functional.  I applaud them.



One of my FAV shirts found by Here Kiddy Kiddie is their Hello my name is.  In the field it mentions KING.  HK2 identified “kindness and faithfulness keeps a king safe, through kindness he keeps his throne secure” King Solomon.  I LOVE this.  For someone like myself who is raising my little fly guy Eli as a prince and then King to be, this quote hit a home run.



Social Media has allowed me to spy on this trend I hope you all will support and follow as well.


Here is the deets:  Follow on Instagram @HereKiddyKiddie, Twitter @hkiddykiddie, site herekiddykiddie.com (under construction) and or email them @ kiddykiddie@yahoo.comFollow Follow Follow!  HK2 trademark is “Respect the Kiddies” which they do ask supporters and customers to hash tag in social medias.

If you purchase and or support via social site let them know you heard from them from eyespyfashion.com, Nika Marie, and or Uniikleemeeh.  If you purchase which I hope you do, share your purchase and reviews with me.  Be featured.  Look forward to hearing from you.  Email me at uniikleemeeh@gmail.com.  I support this message, my purchases for my handsome will also be posted soon.

Stay tune readers Here Kiddy Kiddie (HK2)  will be hosting a charity event and fashion show December 14, 2013.  Support Support Support!




Nika Marie



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