Social Spy: #EyeSpyFashionApprove

eyespy fashFashion, Fashion, Fashion!

Within the last couple of days I have been browsing the web more than ever and have come across sooo many fashionable styles that its ridiculous (in a good way of course).

So what I have decided to do is start a hashtag featuring ALL from Art, Inspiration, Bloggers, Models, Women, Men… ALL of the above.  There is no wrong answer to style as its apart YOU!  Your flawless looks, style, personalities that are shining through the most obvious way YOUR CANVAS; self.  We are going to trend this as hashtag #EyeSpyFashionApprove. 600px-Approve_icon_svg

Now it’s not just about what I see but what you spy as well.  All I ask is that you keep your eyes and sensors up.  When you find that OMG, yes Lawd, killer moments… Tag me on IG @eyespyfashiondotcom and or email me a snippet  at  Simple right?!

Every week I am looking to post a few of the outcomes along with tagging on IG so do keep up.  Even if that’s you tagging yourself… It happens- CONFIDENCE is key.

Let the social spy begin.  Ready, Set, Go.


To start it off here are a few eye spy moments I have encountered during my social search. #EyeSpyFashionApprove yes yes yes moments!  Meet…

photo 2@lalynns  (right)

Uniikleemeeh: Describe your style in 3 words?

@lalynns: Fun, modest, & versatile.  I like to have fun with fashion, I keep it modest.. not showing too much but just enough to keep em’ guessing and I can switch it up from pants, skirts, jeans, dresses, tennis shoes and then stilettos so I’m very versatile.


photo 3@shanise_est1985  (left)

Uniikleemeeh: Describe your mood in this fit?

@shanise_est1985: I’m feeling playful, fierce, and a lil glam’d up.


photo 1

@naturallycherrell  (right)

Uniikleemeeh:What inspires your hair styles?

@naturallycherrell: Protecting my hair and YouTube


photo@hilarybanksflyy (left)

Uniikleemeeh: describe your style in 3 words?

@hilarybanksflyy: Bianca Jagger, urban, polished


Their you have it folks..  These ladies are definitely APPROVED #EyeSpyFashionApproved that is.  What are your thoughts?  Do tell below.


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