Totally M.I.A.

Dear Readers, Subscribers, Friends, and Family

The sad truth is I have totally been missing in action.  That’s right but I’m ready to come back.  For every setback GOD has a major comeback and I am here to stay.

Although I have NOT blogged in a while, I have however been on other sites such as: InstaGram, Facebook (periodically), and twitter.  Do catch me there!

As mentioned to all of you upon me starting this journey of blogging, I originally fell in Love with the concept of an online journal and writing being a huge part of it all.  A passion that I have only been able to share with close ones and or work but now I wish to share with you.  Connecting with many of you and sharing some topics, interests, dreams, goals, likes and or dislikes with you all has been phenomenal.  The positive feedback has been sooo REAL that a girl like myself has enjoyed every comment, connect, follow… and I truly wish to say THANK YOU!

Life has many turns and twists and some from which may catch you off guard but GOD doesn’t give you more than you can handle.  Life definitely carries you forward and I am looking forward to more connections than ever in the weeks, months, years to come.

Yours truly,


Nika Marie




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