Eye Spy: FashionduJour

Spying has definitely been what I have done for a while with Mrs. Fashiondujour. The talented, inspiring, down to earth, gorgeous fashionista Leslie Young… That’s right, meet Leslie Young with Fashiondujour.


Without question this fashionista is a total package. A preachers wife, mother of 3, and friend to many of us. She wears many hats but yet still has Time to share her inspiration, fashion, and wisdom with us.


Approximately 11 months ago Leslie birthed a group called Bloggers Like Me. BLM

A group where positive women would come together in sharing brilliant ideas, tips, all relating to a topic we all share a passion in. Relationships, inspiration, fashion, and all that flows in between. Initially, before becoming a blogger myself I thought I was out of my comfort. All the ladies shared so much insight about social networking, blogging, etc… Intrigued by the relationships that were now beginning to form and meetups that were starting to occur; I knew hands down this was a group I had to be apart of. Although I walked in not knowing where I belonged as I was not yet a blogger; I stayed true to myself. Knowing the up spirit I would be able to bring to the group. A movement of all things positive, reflecting in individual journeys, art.. was the perfect group Leslie could ever think of. As of today the group is now over 1100 members in counting. Speaking of a job well done, right?

Needless to say, Leslie hits home run with many topics she writes about. From a insta post, OOTD (out of the day), inspiration quote, and or piece of her life. All topics a girl like myself relates to. Check her out.

More of what you can find on FashionduJour.com by Leslie Young
More of what you can find on FashionduJour.com by Leslie Young

Ck her out if you have not! Let her know you heard from her by eyespyfashion.com, uniikleemeeh, and or eyespyfashion.com

Here are her deets:




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