EyeSpy: Miss Foodie Fab

fab deeA lover of The Three F’s: Food, Fun, & Fabulosity,” says Miss Foodie Fab.

Introducing the lovely Dee Dee with Miss Foodie Fab a Blog that I have been spying for a while now definitely deserved a spot light on meeh blog. This down to earth, live spirited, blogger/comedian (to me) has been having me on the edge of my seat with her natural sense of humor.

I recently caught up with Dee Dee to pick her mind a little and this was the outcome.

Q: What’s new with you now a days besides your blog, wife duties, teas in the trap, throw glitter and twirl, LOL?

A: I just finished my Master’s of Nursing program online, and next I will be applying to a post-Master’s certificate program so I can become a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Other than that, it’s just work, eating, running my mouth, meeting new people, and more eating.

Q: Name two things you love about your blog?

A: I love that I have a place where people whom I’ve never met, or may not ever be able to meet can interact with me and I can share with them all the things I love. Those things being: Food, Fun, and all things I find Fabulous.

I also love that my blog has helped me come out “my circle/box” more. Through my blog I have been giving opportunities to meet people and have experiences I know I definitely would not have if I just went to school, work, and back home.

Q: If you could change anything about your blog would you?

A: Lawd, I really want to change me blog name. Because although I’m a foodie and I love being fab, sometimes I feel my blog name “limits” who people think I am, or what my blog is about. I am more than just a foodie. I’m a bootleg comedian (in my head), someone with a quick sense of humor, and known for going on a rant or two. Luckily my readers and social media followers know that about me, but I’m still itching to have a blog name that reflects everything I talk about on my blog. MFF-profile

Q: What’s three things that describes you besides food, fun, and fabulosity and how long have you been blogging?

A: Three words that describe me: Crazy, inappropriate, and fun.

I have been blogging since June 2012.

Their have been many pictures surfacing with the prissy drink one pinky in the air, hello moments. How did you come up with the prissy drinker? Is there a story behind it or is it always best to drink prissy with the pinky up in your opinion? Is there a wrong way to do it?

Actually prissy drinking came up because, although I have an inner tomboy, I can be very bougie and prissy at times. One day my husband and I were at a pub and I saw some people drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) beers. I mentioned to my husband that I always thought PBR beers were drunk by real country folks only, but they must be good because young “hipsters” were drinking them. So, I ordered one to see what it taste like. When I went to drink it, I made a side eye and kinda turned my nose up, while I was drinking it, with my hand in the air. My husband thought it was so funny that he made me pose and take a picture. I placed that picture on my blog, because it represented me so well. Someone who can be down to earth, country, and prissy at the same time. My blogger friend Kiwi, of KiwiTheBeauty.com, saw the picture and said I was drinking prissy. From then on it just stuck and now I have other bloggers “drinking prissy.” There is no wrong way to drink prissy. However, in order to properly drink prissy, you must drink with a side eye and your hand up in the air. Having one’s pinky up is optional.

If you had a chance to say something to your followers and supporters what would it be? Often times we are so busy that we sometimes miss out on simply saying thank you.

I would say thank you to my followers and supporters for every kind word, comment, advice, and simply reading and supporting my blog.
miss foodie

Q: What’s next for Miss Foodie Fab?

A: Definitely more food, restaurant reviews, recipes, and videos.

Ck her out if you have not! Let her know you heard from her by Nika Marie, uniikleemeeh, and or eyespyfashion.com

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Here is a glimpse of Dee Dee “Teas in the Trap”


  1. Great interview! You know I love my big sis!! Aww how sweet of you to give me credit for naming your drinking pose signature!! Drink Prissy Tour coming soon lol!! ❤ great post xoxo


    1. Thank you! It’s interesting the things you find out once getting to know someone’s inner thoughts. I can definitely see a world tour occurring regarding drinking prissy. I too will need to jump on the band wagon. LOL!


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