Eye Spy: Lace N Leopard

FASHION BOMB DAILY, STYLISH CURVES, and PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE to name a few features. This fashionable, smart, driven fashionista is definitely a must subscribe blog. Oh and did I mention she thrifts too! Readers meet Tiffany Crawford w/ Lace N Leopard.
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Tiffany has been blogging since February of 2012 and has definitely caught my eye. Her authentic, real, curvy appeal, edgy, and daring but yet confident fashion has contributed to placing thickness on the map.

Now it doesn’t just stop there; Tiffany is also a photographer as well. Styling hair, doing makeup, and capturing the most beautiful flicks. I have to say Tiffany is doing the damn thang. Here’s a picture Tiffany captured of my family and I when my son was 2 months (he’s now 19 months).
00Shawnika Edit

Tiffany started a trend from which I fell in LOVE with “Same fit done Thick”. Take a look at a snippet.

LNL3 This is simply brilliant in my book. What’s your take?

Meanwhile, I was able to catch up with Tiff and this is what I gathered: The words of Tiffany Crawford

MEEH: Tell me three things that you like about your blog:
TIFF: It creates a platform for women, like me, to talk about something we love…fashion! Gives inspiration for plus size women to embrace their body and make a statement through their fashion. You reach and connect with people all around the globe…it’s truly amazing when you realize you have readers in the Philippines or somewhere in London. It’s crazy…

MEEH: what are three things we may not know about you:
TIFF: I love laughter. If you could make me laugh…I want you around. I am a photographer and I love similar “behind the scenes” work. I would love to be a part of a “Glam Squad”. I have a degree in Mass Communications and Biblical Studies.

MEEH: What type of Audience would you like to attract:
TIFF: I really don’t look at it in terms of attracting a certain audience. I just do my thing and if you like it…I love it.

Well readers if you haven’t yet started following Tiffany.. I urge that you do. What are you waiting for? Here’s her deets:

InstaGram: Mz_Jucee

Catch her while you can. Let her know your simply saying hello and heard about her from eyespyfashion, Nika Marie, and or uniikleemeeh.

Do you follow Lace N Leopard? What are your favorite things you like about this curvy multi talented fashionista?

A reflection of what you can find on LACE N LEOPARD
A reflection of what you can find on LACE N LEOPARD

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