Eye Spy:Nini’s Style

nini1Buying quality pieces that will last forever is Nini Nguyen’s philosophy. Do you agree? I without a doubt do. Look at this gorgeous high-profile fashionista Nini Nguyen with Nini Style.


“Its not what you wear but how you wear it, says Nini and many of us.” I speak and live by this. Fashion comes in all areas rather it be fashion and or art.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything Nini brings to the table. Her sense of style is something I would Mock hands down. With over 10 years in counting in the industry this fashionista is certainly destined to everything she envisioned.




An eye for fashion is what Nini has. A bit pricey, yes, but as confirmed with you all quality pieces do go along way. In fact pieces you will be able to even wear season after season.

Ck her out if you have not! Let her know you heard from her by eyespyfashion.com, uniikleemeeh, and or eyespyfashion.com

What’s your take on Nini’s style?


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