Strengths Finder: What are your Strengths?

Hey, Hey, Hey!! Its been a little minute since my last post. In all honesty this is my very first post this year. Woop-Woop (raises the roof). Happy New Years to all. How has it been going so for?

Speaking for myself; I have been sooo busy with work, my search in relocating, being a mom and so much more. I have been squeezing in reading here and there but have not had the chance to post. I miss you all. Many of you would know writing is a passion that I have and have found it to be my outlet.

Just recently I started a book by the name of Strength Finder. book

Believe it or not this book was provided to me by upper management at my work site. For the ones that received the book; we were asked to complete a small assessment as each book held a unique access code. The results were to identify your top five strengths. After identifying your strengths; the book is designed to track and improve your wellbeing over your lifetime.

Here are my results:


Needless, to say. I am pleased by my results. Do I agree in this order per say.. ummm maybe Not, but I agree a lot of what was said described me in many ways. It was interesting reading each description and seeing what applied to me. I say the book was definitely on track.

Other options were adaptability, arranger, belief, context, developer, harmony, learner, self-assurance, woo and many many more. Ha Ha.. Woo meant winning others over. Isn’t that something, LOL? Are you a wooer?

I am finding myself learning new things and in my book this is a plus. Tell me, what are your top 5 strengths? Have you read any recent books? What’s been your inspiration starting off the new year?

Nika Marie


  1. My 5 strengths would be, Resilient,Responsible,Strong Willed,Persistent,Structured!!!! Those are just 5 of so many!!! My inspiration starting off this New Year is my faith!!! Believing in my faith & letting our Lord Savior guide me in making opportunities out of chaotic situations this New Year is doing me great justice. I’m currently reading a book called “Our Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. In my eyes a “Must Read”. Thank you for sharing your reading material given to you from your job. I definitely would love to get my hands on that book! Maybe we can do a swap in the near future! 😉 Oh & by the way you are a top notch “Wooer” , you woo me over every time I’m around you!! Loved you blog Nika Marie! XXOO


    1. Your such a sweetheart! Thank you for being sooo supportive and sharing your top 5 strengths which I find to be amazing. We all have countless strengths but getting our hands around the top 5 and working them through thouroughly.. allows us to get the full benefit and understanding. We can definitely exchange books- I am down xoxoxoxo


  2. I took the Strengths Finder 2.0 test for a class and just reading your post made me log back in to the website to see what my strengths were. They are: Ideation, Futuristic, Restorative, Connectedness and Intellection. There was also a report that gives you an action plan on how to implement those strengths. Thanks so much for sharing (I too agree that they are not actually in that order but it encouraged me to take another look and see how I can maximize them.) Also to @heartkryssy think I might check out “The Purpose Driven Life”.


    1. I have to say I have not had the chance to follow up on how I can implement my strengths which I would LOVE to do. I can say I did not disagree with any of my strengths just not in that particular order. I too have to ck out the book mentioned by @heartkryssy. Thanks for stopping by


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