Happy New Years

Happy New Years to All! We are coming to a close of 2012, however, we are starting a new beginning to many more days ahead in 2013.

Be safe and have fun in whatever you have planned. Can’t wait to see you all in

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Share your memorable moments in 2012 and or what you expect to accomplish in 2013. Do you have New Years Resolutions? I would LOVE to hear from you.

This is OUR year along with many more years to come. See you in 2013!!

Uniikleemeeh (unique-lee-me)
Nika Marie


Author: Shawnika Marie

I'm a woman of high beliefs, living my day w/ multiple roles; a mom, girlfriend to my honey/best friend, a friend to many of you, a loyal down to earth girly girl whose ultimate goal in LIFE is to be the woman I can be with little to no regrets. Please follow/subscribe... as I follow many of our favorite fashionistas, artist, inspirational, lifestyle bloggers including YOU out there and their many talents. Is this you? Whats your story/talent? Email: EyeSpyFashiondotcom@gmail.com for collaboration.

4 thoughts on “Happy New Years”

  1. A few years ago I made an unconscious decision to do away with New Year’s resolutions. I create & define my goals throughout the year. I am trying a new tradition this year though…Happy NEw Year! Andrea @ be-quoted.com


  2. I just want to keep going with the momentum I gained in 2012 for my design business as well as having better balance between working and spending quality time with my family. Hopefully 2013 brings about some new SOLUTIONS for my life instead of RESOLUTIONS that have to keep being re-evaluated each year! Wishing you blessings for 2013 as well!


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