Eye Spy a Thrifter: Say What, $30 Bucks?

Are you Thrifting?  Now we all know about the generation to generation hand me downs where we receive many clothes, shoes, house hold items, etc…to use.  Most of us were open arms while many were cut throat to wanting nothing but 1st use items.  Well, times are definitely changing!  Many friends and family members I know are actively making it a point to find great finds at many boutiques, Goodwill,  and flea markets to mention a few.   Why not find a great deal at a low reasonable cost?  For myself, I have been finding that I am engaging myself with the urge to get out and try it by discovering someone’s old news  and turning it into my front page HEADLINES.  However, this time around I have asked a fellow BLMSister to be put to the test.  This test we will call, “Say What 30$ bucks.”  I proudly introduce to you, Whitney.


Hey everyone! My name is Whitney and I’m the blogger behind Whitney James.  I was contacted by the lovely Nika, my fellow BLM Sister, to do a Thrift Challenge. I was given $30 to find two thrifted outfits. My first thought was ok…this should be interesting. As an avid thriftier, I knew I could find at least ONE complete outfit for $30 including accessories. But I was a bit skeptical that I’d be able to find 2 looks. To my surprise I was able to find 2 complete looks, accessories and shoes included, for $29.17 (before tax)! Yea, I did that! (in my Tamar Braxton voice, lol).

The looks I found are looks that I plan to wear to two upcoming holiday events. I’m a huge fan of being comfortable and cute and these outfits exude just that. I headed to 2nd Avenue in Columbia, MD and it took me about an hour to find 2 complete looks. With all that being said, here’s the rundown and a few pics of what I found!

eyespy8        eyespy6       eyespy7



Brown Dress: $4.40

Brown Pattern Heels: $4.45

Necklace: $3.78

Earrings: $2.73

The next outfit is has to be my favorite. I love black so when I saw this cute sweater dress, it was a wrap! I can just imagine styling this dress in SO many ways. For this post, I decided to dress it up. I plan to wear this outfit for an upcoming family holiday dinner.

eyespy02                        eyespy03



Black Sweater Dress: $3.45

Booties: $5.53

Earrings & Necklace (set): $4.83


GRAND TOTAL (Before tax): $29.17



Needless to say this challenge was a bit overwhelming at first, but it ended up being SO MUCH FUN! I really appreciate Nika for reaching out; she definitely helped me step my thrifing game up a notch J I hope you’ve enjoyed the looks and feel free to contact/or follow me at the links below. Thanks and be blessed!

Now I don’t know about YOU? But Whitney definitely got a bang for her buck!  A job well done, actually that’s an understatement.  Whitney was phenomenal, creative, and exceeded pass my challenge.   Thank you Whitney for allowing me to pick your skills and doing this wonderful  guest post.  Are you a thrifter?  What’s your take on thrifting?  Do tell below.

Please do connect by all means necessary to Whitney’s social networks provided to you below.  Let her know uNiikLeeMeeh, eyespyfashion.com, and or Nika Marie sent you her way.

Contact Info:

Email: whitneynicjames@gmail.com

Blog: www.whitneynicjames.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/whitneynicjames

Twitter: www.twitter.com/wnicjames

Instagram:  www.instagram.com/wnicjames



    1. I think Whitney worked it totally. Not only was she able to get 2 dresses that she can switch up as she pleases but she also received jewelry along with shoes. Now tell me she didnt succeed? I wasnt certain what all she would be able to pull with the $30..I asked for 2 looks and she certainly delivered. Thanks for stopping by. I will certainly subsribe to the new site…see you soon (wink)


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