Small Business Saturday

Spaliday Boutique

Today marks the first day I supported Small Business Saturday.  What is this you ask?  Welp, its a day founded by American Express approximately 3 years ago to support small businesses during the busiest shopping season.  A day that would allow our local small businesses to get plenty of exposure. This new found day (I was made aware of) is the first Saturday after Thanksgiving from which it sits between Black Friday followed by Cyber Monday.

A current BLMGirl (Bloggers Like Me) Kimberly Marie had sent a mass email to the girls to review and RSVP if we were interested.  To my surprise it was right up my alley as it was being held in Long Beach, CA from which I once resided prior to moving to the Orange County area.  I mean I was only born here so this was the perfect experience to contribute and support the Small Business in my previous community.

This day started pretty mellow but of course it ended up with many obstacles.  Prior to the event I had asked my BFF/cousin to attend with me but as confirmed things happen and she was faced with her priority duties first..being a mom.  So I had to enjoy this day solo while my boyfriend (hubby I like to call him) watched our son.  I had originally thought I would be punctual for once and get their at 11am as the event was help from 11-4pm in Long Beach, CA (5500 East Atherton St. Ste 204 to be exact).    Now luckily I made it before the event was over but it was literally 20 minutes prior.  However, I still found myself spending a lil over $50 along with having the opportunity to speak with all the wonderful ladies including the sponsors that attended.  Yes, that’s right their were sponsors.  Although the late arrival occurred (shame on meeh); I was able to spend almost a full hr with these women.

Spaliday Boutique was held at Skin So Fancy Body Boutique by Tiffany Carmona, licensed esthetician, who specializes in makeup & waxing.  Tiffany was so full of energy.  Her personality was more than inviting and provided you a nice feel of welcome.  I had to of course experience her specialty so I decided to get my brows waxed.  I have to admit she gave me some good pointers as well with the upkeep of perfect brows.  They came out really nice!

Some of the  Fabulous sponsors I mentioned were:

Natural bath & Body care and Mini Cupcakes by Lakia Pearson.  Lakia was very pleasant and knowledgeable of her product.  It was nice to see Lakia’s support system by her side as well.  Lakia states “You’ll find they have a heart for service, a strong commitment to offering exceptional products and there apart of a team that believes in encouraging you” with her contribution in body care.  I didn’t get a chance to sample Lakia’s mini treats but I’m sure they were made to perfection.

Handbags/clutches (fearfully made “Head to Sole Apparel) by Coco.  Coco is your personal fashionista who will bring business to you with events such as purse parties and or even offers to assist with personal shopping for the busy individuals who do not have the time and or if your resources are limited.  As Coco would say “YOU are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY MADE.

Jewelry/Accessories by Kimberly Marie.  Multi talented Kimberly Marie, NOT only specializes in jewelry/accessories but she is a former BLMGirl and graphic Designer of Her name is Kim.  Kim has soo much character, you would hate to depart from her.  Her bubbly/joyous personality is such a delight.  Kim’s talent caused me to spend about $45 but they are nice crafted/needed pieces.  Thanks Kim, it’s always a pleasure running and supporting you as it is to all the other women as well.

Remy Hair/Clip-ins was also present as well.  Vixenous mission is “To bring high-quality, virgin, Remy hair to their customers at affordable prices.”  In speaking with this wonderful woman; she too was very knowledgeable with her product and stood proudly talking about the way you would sew in a track, LOL.  I found this information to be good as I also wear weaves and find that it is less maintenance and why not ask the professional who specializes in extensions.

All of the ladies were very pleased with the outcome and made mention of having something again very soon.  I pleaded to the girls, this being a GREAT idea, as I would then be able to be punctual and spend more time in support of their craft/talent.  Please feel free to reach out to the ladies and let them know uniikleemeeh (unique-lee-me) or eyespyfashion made mention of them and you are showing your support as well.  From there you will then be connected to their social networks.  I recommend for you to meet this group of women who are full of LIfe and very down to earth.

Women supporting women



  1. Wonderfully written! I so wish I was there to do some much needed networking but I know there shall be many more opportunities for me to support other women! I’m glad you seemingly enjoyed yourself & that’s awesome! It so good to see black women smiling,being independent & loving what they do! God is truly amazing. I’m so looking forward to the next event! Can’t wait! I’m so proud of all your recent accomplishments! 🙂 XOXO


    1. Thank you! I have been sitting back trying to discover my purpose. My purpose in supporting GREATNESS. Everyone has a story and because its NOT how one has in visioned it doesn’t make it wrong. I GREATLY appreciate the continued support and give all my blessings to GOD


  2. thank you SO much Nika for stopping by and for this wonderful recap! I love what you’re doing here with your site. it’s such a great way to highlight everything that us women are doing with our businesses.


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