Hello World!

Hello World!

I welcome you to my new found  blog founded by yours truly Uniikleemeeh.  This is my very 1st post and I have to tell you I’m very excited.

For those of you that know meeh; I have been speaking about blogging for sometime now as I have grown to LOVE the concept of an online personal journal through the web.  I have a big huge passion for writing along with fashion so why NOT bring these two together.  Now for those who do NOT know me; I am a very passionate person who is very loyal.  A mother of 1, girlfriend to my beloved honey, tenacious in ways I like to describe as positive.  Now I’m no angel by far but I am a child of GOD.

The purpose in my blog will be to collectively engage my readers with the FASHION bloggers and entrepreneurs out there who I have come in connect with and or follow via INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, any social network, and or from YOU.  My ultimate purpose is to connect with women as a support system, a friend, and allow you to hear from our women across the globe.

I LOVE the life I’m living and living the life I am granted. Follow me as eye spy through the FASHION lanes.



  1. I’m very proud of you. Whomever follows this blog will leave with a sense of uniqueness! Your a wonderful person & you always inspire me to push forward with my dreams. I love you uniikleemeeh! You found a blogger in me! Lol!


    1. Thank you Natalya! Its women like you who inspire me to do the things I LOVE. People tend to find people in their lives who they believe they know but have no idea of what they truly face and or hard efforts they put in with the multiple roles we tend to have as women. Well, here’s the time to allow our women to have a voice. Tell us about you, US women are talented such as yourself! Cant wait to feature you and your talent.


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